Yamaha RY9 Rhythm Programmer

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-05
Yamaha RY9 Rhythm Programmer

The RY9 is a great sounding drum machine packed with killer grooves for any kind of music. Yet, more than a drum machine, the RY9 is a musician's best friend, loaded with outstanding features not available in conventional drum machines.

Feature Highlights
Features such as full bass and chord backing, as well as an exclusive guitar input for truly unique functions including guitar synthesizer, guitar tuner, and more! Whether you're a guitarist, composer, or even a DJ, you'll discover the RY9 gives you ultimate support for your music and it will never show up late for a gig or be too tired to jam.

Dynamic Rhythm Patterns
Whether you're a heavy metal guitarist, a funk bassist or anything in between, the RY9 offers a diverse range of rhythm patterns to match your playing style. The 200 preset and 50 user patterns feature a full musical backup section, including Drum, Bass, Chord 1 and Chord 2 parts. You can change the chords at any time simply by entering the root note and chord type.

Fully Arranged Songs
The RY9's 50 preset songs give you instant musical inspiration when playing with the band, recording at home, or simply jamming away. Plus, 50 user song locations are provided for you to arrange your own songs by chaining together various patterns and entering your own chord progressions. And because each music style has its own unique main and fill-in patterns, creating songs is fast and easy.

Powerful Drum Kits
The RY9 is loaded with 128 incredibly realistic drum and percussion sounds to support any kind of music, from rock to dance music. From these sounds, 12 preset drum kits have been created for you. Also provided are 4 user kits, with which you can create custom sets by assigning each of the 24 pad locations (12 pads x 2 banks) with the drum sound of your choice. The pitch and volume of each pad can be set as well.

Band in the Palm of Your Hand
The RY9 is merely the size of a VHS cassette and can operate on batteries, so you can easily keep it in your guitar case and have it with you whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

Be the Master of Your Mix
The volume of each rhythm backing part as well as the external input and synthesizer harmony levels can be precisely adjusted to achieve your ideal music mix. Plus, any of the backing parts can be muted on demand to suit your playing needs.

Guitar Input Functions
One of the most unique features of the RY9 is its external input, which allows you to use the unit as a guitar mixer, guitar tuner, and even a guitar synthesizer!

Guitar Mix Function
The MIX function combines the external guitar input signal with the sound of the RY9. This allows you to play along with the songs and patterns through the privacy of headphones, or connect to external PA or recording equipment using the RY9's stereo outputs. By using the Auto Start function, playback will begin the moment you hit a guitar string.

Guitar Synthesizer Function
Use your guitar to trigger and play one of the RY9's 50 fantastic built-in voices, such as piano, brass and strings! SINGLE mode lets you play a single voice along with your guitar. HARM modes add an instrument harmony line to your playing. A total of 6 synthesizer modes are available for creative musical enjoyment.

Guitar Tuner Function
The built-in guitar tuner allows you to easily check the tuning of your guitar. Simply play an open string and the note will be displayed on the LCD, indicating whether or not the pitch is in tune, sharp or flat.