Yamaha SP2060 Digital Speaker Processor

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-05
Yamaha SP2060 Digital Speaker Processor

Yamaha, an innovator in digital mixer technology, presents its new Digital Speaker Processor that provides excellent sound quality with a wide variety of new features and PC configuration setting capability.

Main Features

Digital speaker processor with a variety of built-in features and highly accurate speaker processing capability
The SP2060 packs all of the features necessary for speaker processing into a compact 1U-size chassis to fully and flexibly meet a variety of speaker processing demands. Our exclusive LSI features the specialized sound processing expected from Yamaha for even higher accuracy in digital signal processing. Many built-in functions play major roles in speaker processing, including gain, delay, PEQ, comp, crossover, and limiter. The highly accurate All-Pass Filter can minutely control just the phase without changing the gain.

Equipped with two analog inputs and six analog outputs, plus two AES/EBU format digital inputs
The rear panel is outfitted with two analog inputs and six analog outputs. Plus, two AES/EBU format digital audio inputs are included, allowing direct input from digital devices. It accepts up to 96kHz digital audio signals without the need for additional hardware, providing great compatibility with digital mixers and other devices. All terminals use XLR type connectors.

Provides excellent sound quality that ranks with the most-advanced Yamaha Digital Mixers, with 24bit/96kHz high resolution
The internal workings utilize audio processing LSI that boasts a superb processing powered mixer, and provides the fantastic sound quality of a tremendous dynamic range with an SN ratio of over 110dB. Also, for the inputs, outputs, internal circuitry, and other aspects of the analog audio stage, we have included technology achieved through our experience in high-end analog mixing console design, such as the professionally lauded PM5000, to maximize sound quality. The SP2060 further contributes to the Yamaha Professional Audio name by providing top-notch sound.

Capable of detailed programming with DME Designer PC application software
With the SP2060, detailed programming on a PC is enabled with the DME Designer software used for programming Yamaha's top-of-the-line digital audio devices, the Digital Mixing Engine DME64N and DME24N, which can be used for a wide variety of applications. By loading data programmed with DME Designer into the main unit, detailed settings can be assigned instantly with a computer, enabling more efficient editing. Also, the method of data processing can be changed even more flexibly to meet the user's needs. This allows programming of large-scale sound systems that use multiple devices such as SP2060, DME64N, and DME24N, and provides the advantage of being able to integrate and collectively manage outputs.

User-friendly design includes Ethernet port enabling direct connection to a computer and an easy-to-operate front panel
SP2060 is equipped with an Ethernet port, which enables direct connection with a PC and allows users to directly load data created with DME Designer. Using wireless LAN, programs and parameters can be set while listening to the sound as heard from the audience's receiving points with a tablet computer or other device. Plus, the main unit's front panel features six output LED meters for excellent operability and visibility, making it user-friendly even if not used in conjunction with a PC.

Optimized for Yamaha Installation Series Speakers, guaranteeing speaker processing with tremendous accuracy
Data for Yamaha Installation Series Speakers, with a great lineup variety and top-notch sound quality, comes preset in the SP2060. This allows highly accurate settings with just a few easy steps, providing the best speaker processing with the least amount of effort.

Compact, portable 1U size for smooth setup to meet a variety of needs, from live PA to installation use
The compact 1U size of the SP2060 gives it tremendous installability and portability as well as superior cost performance. It is ideal for a wide range of applications, from installation in halls and theaters to live sound reinforcement. The bold dark blue color of the front panel also offers a new level of class for professional audio devices.