Yamaha UW10 USB Audio Interface

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-04
Yamaha UW10 USB Audio Interface

Very compact in size, the UW10 is a simple, yet effective way to turn your computer into a home recording studio. The UW10 is the perfect addition to your Yamaha PSR/CVP or Digital Piano for recording your final mixes to PC, ready for burning to CD or converting to MP3 for online distribution.

Connecting to your computer with a single USB cable, the UW10 provides both analog and digital inputs and outputs that let you record from a variety of sound sources, plus monitor and playback audio.

For the home musician eager to create a master track of their work it offers great flexibility letting you transform your creative inspirations into high quality audio quickly and easily. Just by connecting your portable keyboard, digital piano or Clavinova to the inputs on the UW10 and hitting record, you can take your finely tuned recordings out of the box, and onto CD to share with your friends. If you have MIDI songs, a unique feature of the UW10 is that it is bundled with great Yamaha software that lets you automatically mix MIDI tracks into audio data that can be used to create MP3 files or burn CDs. Its compact size also makes it great for portable use, providing a simple yet effective interface for recording live events with your laptop.

Versatile Connectivity
The UW10 connects to your computer via a single USB cable. The unit is buss powered making it very portable and eliminates the need for bulky power adapters, etc. Analog RCA input jacks let you connect many of Yamahas popular PSR and CVP instruments directly as well as a variety of analog devices for recording while output jacks or the headphone jack supply monitoring and playback functions. If you are a DJ, you can connect your DJ mixer and turntables to the UW10, taking a perfect quality mix of your gig. The headphone output makes the UW10 perfect for the home bedroom where you can monitor your mix without disturbing the neighbors.

You can also record from digital sources using the stereo S/PDIF optical input and optical output jacks, which let you mix down in digital without any loss of sound quality. Adding or converting your old tapes, LP records or even transfer of CD and DAT machine mixes to PC has never been easier.

Bundled software offers powerful features and versatility
The UW10 comes bundled with Yamahas Wave Editor TWEplus and Soft Synthesizer S-YXG50 applications. The Wave Editor TWEplus is an easy to use sound editor that lets you record, edit, and playback digital audio with your computer. The SoftSynthesizer S-YXG50 is Yamahas powerful software based multi-timbral XG synthesizer, using a powerful synthesizer engine that in hardware form cost over 500 dollars. If you have MIDI songs being played with a sequencer, you can play them through the SoftSynthesizer and use the UW10s powerful Trackdown feature to turn those tracks into audio data. This lets you mix MIDI tracks with audio tracks into a single audio file which can then be used to create MP3 files or burn your own CDs using the Wave Editor TWEplus. So, again uniquely with the UW10, not only do you get a great portable audio interface, you get a powerful professional Yamaha XG synthesizer as well.