Yamaha UW500 USB Audio/MIDI Personal Studio

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-04
Yamaha UW500 USB Audio/MIDI Personal Studio

Bringing it All Together!
The UW500 is truly an all-in-one solution for MIDI and audio recording. With comprehensive analog inputs, digital in/out, and multi-port MIDI capability – plus software for sequencing, editing, and tone generation – the UW500 Personal Studio has everything you need to lay down MIDI and audio tracks – and turn your computer into a fully equipped, easy-to-use home studio! The UW500 Personal Studio hooks up to your computer with a single, high-speed USB cable. Simply plug your guitar or microphone into the front panel and record! It's just as easy as using a tape recorder – yet, because it's digital, it gives you enormous editing flexibility, arranging power, and exceptionally high-quality sound. Which means you can transform your creative inspirations into fully realized, professional-sounding recordings – faster than ever before!

Comprehensive Inputs and Outputs
Simply plug a microphone, guitar, keyboard – or just about any instrument or source – into the three input sections of the UW500, and record you're singing and playing to the computer. The MIC/GUITAR/LINE switch on Inputs 1 and 2 makes this easy. A third input is reserved for line signals, such as a CD player. You've got convenient monitoring of your tracks with the front panel headphones jack – or you can use a separate stereo system.

Optical digital in/out for recording
Connect a CD player to the DIGITAL IN terminal and record samples to the computer. Or connect a digital recorder (such as MD or DAT) to the DIGITAL OUT and mix down your musical creations in digital – with no deterioration in sound quality.

Clean, detailed high-quality sound
The UW500 Personal Studio delivers stunning sound quality with built-in 20-bit A/D, D/A converters and selectable sampling rate (48/44.1/32 khz). Since it stands outside your computer and has a separate power source, the UW500 is free from any computer-generated noise or interference – giving you absolutely clear, pristine sound!

All the software you need
Software programs included with the UW500 give you everything you need to lay down MIDI and audio tracks – and edit them, too! The XGworks lite V3.0A Sequencer ties it all together letting you record and play back your MIDI and audio performances, while the TWE Wave Editor provides detailed editing for your audio data. The S-YXG50 SoftSynthesizer lets you play back your MIDI tracks within the computer with a 16-part multi-timbral XG tone generator.

Full multi-port MIDI control
The UW500 also has enormous flexibility as a MIDI interface. In addition to the conventional MIDI IN/OUT terminals, there is a special TO TG terminal for tapping into the full MIDI power of the UW500 – 2 MIDI ins and 6 MIDI outs. With a compatible tone generator, that gives you 32 channels in and 96 channels out!

High-speed, single-connection USB
The worldwide standard USB connection eliminates the need for multiple cables, letting you set up easily and instantly. It also provides high-speed data transfer – both audio and MIDI – to and from your computer. With USB, you can even connect to your laptop computer for a compact, super-simple system, and take your home studio with you – wherever you go!

Track down – to create your own MP3 files and CD tracks
This powerful feature lets you mix the audio generated by your MIDI tracks with your audio recordings. Normally, this process involves several pieces of outboard gear. Now with the Track Down function and the USB connection, you can do it all within your UW500- equipped computer. The MIDI data (in XGworks lite V3.0A) plays back voices on the S-YXG50 SoftSynthesizer, which are automatically mixed with your audio tracks on the UW500, and sent back to the computer to be saved as a single stereo audio file. It doesn't get any easier than that! Then, simply use your favorite MP3 encoder to create MP3 files, and put your new musical creations on the Internet. Or, with an optional CD-R recorder, burn your own CDs!

The Complete Package – All the software you need to get your studio up and running!
Included with the UW500 Personal Studio is a full selection of comprehensive software, a sequencer, a "virtual" tone generator, and an audio editor.