Yamaha VL70-m Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-04
Yamaha VL70-m Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator

VA Synthesis
Unique to Yamaha, computer-based "physical modeling" technology which accurately simulates the complex vibrations, resonances, reflections and other acoustic phenomena that occur in real wind or string instruments-to produce high quality monophonic voices.

Built-in Effects Section
With independent Reverb, Chorus, Variation and Distortion effects

Flexible Voice Editing Options
Although many parameters can be edited via the panel controls, peripheral voice editing software is available to give much more voicing flexibility.

Visual Editor
An application with a graphical interface which allows you to make selections using easy-to-understand palettes and clickable buttons. (A Windows® version of the Visual Editor is also available.)

Analog Editor
An application with graphical interface which allows you to make selections using familiar analog-style knobs and switches.

Expert Editor
Provides full access to the complete range of physical modeling parameters, ideal for creating entirely new voices.

Designed for compatibility with various types of external devices. A WX In jack lets you connect a Yamaha WX-series Wind MIDI controller. The "VL Extension for XG" feature significantly enhances and expands the musical capabilities of the XG format. A TO HOST connector lets you connect a personal computer for editing, sequencing and other musical applications without a separate MIDI interface.

Use from a keyboard, a Wind MIDI controller or a Guitar MIDI converter

System Examples
VL70-m with a BC3 breath controller, the BC3 allows even greater musical expression; VL70-m with a WX5 wind MIDI controller; VL70-m with G50 and G1D, setup with a guitar MIDI converter; VL70-m sound to a Computer Music Playback (VL Extension for XG)