Yamaha XM4180/XM4080 Multi-Channel Amplifier

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-05
Yamaha XM4180/XM4080 Multi-Channel Amplifier

This multi-channel amplifier series features 4-channel high power models (XM4180: 180W/8 ohms x 4ch, XM4080: 80W/8 ohms x 4ch).

The current switching allows for a compact and lightweight design (10kg). This series utilizes the newly developed 2U shell.

Via the rear panel, models can be switched between stereo and parallel for each channel. This offers compatibility with a wide range of applications.

The distribution power amplifier function is capable of driving several high-impedance parallel-connected speakers. The XM4180 also supports bridged connection of 2 channels each.

Highly precise dB display detented attenuators, dedicated to each channel, are located on the front panel. The models also feature a protection circuit that allows you to monitor its status with an indicator. Attention to detail for better practicality can be found wherever you look.

In addition to XLR input terminals, this series is equipped with Euro-block input terminals for easy connectivity. Outputs utilize a 5-way binding post and are also equipped with monitor/remote terminals and a subsonic filter. The models have been designed with all sorts of usage in mind.