Yamaha YDP131C Classic Home Piano

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-03
Yamaha YDP131C Classic Home Piano

The Digital Piano You Have Dreamed About!
With an 88-key weighted graded hammer action keyboard, stereo sampled instrument voices, digital effects, and beautiful matching stand and bench, the YDP131C offers amazing features at an even more amazing price.

Features Include

* 88-Key Weighted Graded Hammer Action
* 64 Notes of polyphony
* Stereo Sampled Instrument Voices Including: Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Pipe Organ, and Strings
* Digital Effects: Reverb and Chorus
* Beautiful Cherry Finish with Wooden Stand
* 50 Preset Songs
* Built-In Speakers
* MIDI In and Out
* Sustain, Damper, and Sostenuto Pedals for Expressive Playing
* Matching Bench Included

Graded Hammer Action
Close your eyes and you will swear that you are playing a real grand piano. The YDP131C's GHS keyboard recreates the lively feel of a grand piano without the expense and maintenance involved with such an instrument. A great deal of time was spent at Yamaha research and development, in Japan, to create a digital piano that had the proper feel and expression of a real weighted graded hammer action piano keyboard.

Amazing Sound Quality
The YDP131C offers unrivaled sound quality utilizing exclusive Yamaha technology. Using Yamahas own AWM stereo sampling, sounds were recorded directly from a variety of instruments. Each voice is recorded in stereo, and thus faithfully replicates the sound and warmth of the original instrument.

All The Right Sounds That You Really Need!
On-board YDP131C voices include Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Pipe Organ, and Strings.

Three On The Floor!
Play with more expression! The YDP131C features sustain, damper, and sostenuto pedals that allow you to experience the full expressive potential of a grand piano.

Stereo Speakers
The YDP131C's built-in stereo speakers offer audio dynamics usually found exclusively on instruments costing substantially more. Perform a concert at home with expressive stereo sound for your family and friends.

The YDP131C will grow with your future musical needs. MIDI In and Out allows you to expand your music hardware as your interest and needs grow. Other Yamaha keyboards, sound modules, and even a computer, with the proper interface, can be connected to the YDP131C via MIDI.

Quickstart DVD
All Yamaha portable keyboards and digital pianos feature a Quickstart DVD with introductory lessons to help you start playing real music today!