Yamaha YPP15 Classic Home Piano

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-03
Yamaha YPP15 Classic Home Piano

YPP15 Personal Electronic Piano
The Yamaha YPP15 most compares to a traditional acoustic piano in its excellent sound quality. The YPP15, while advanced, is most of all very simple and fun to play.

Advanced Voice Technology
The sound features of the YPP15 include two acoustic pianos, an electric piano, harpsichord and vibes all delivered with realism and presence as a result of Yamaha's advanced music technology.

Touch Sensitive Keys
The keys of the YPP15 are full and square, just like on an acoustic piano. Adjust the keys to your particular playing style by choosing from three levels of touch sensitivity. A damper pedal for sustaining notes is also included. Added together these features truly expand your ability to express yourself msically.

Proper practice on a piano is not possible without a metronome. For anyone serious about practicing music, the YPP15 comes complete with a metronome function, allowing you to practice to the proper beat simply by touching a button. Increasing or decreasing the tempo is easy and makes the YPP15 a complete practice tool.

MIDI Compatibility
Extensive MIDI compatibility with MIDI In and Out connectors makes the YPP-15 an excellent choice for use in electronic music systems allowing you to create and control music in totally new ways.

Transpose and Pitch Control
The transpose function lets you play easily in any key, without changing your fingering. While pitch control makes it possible to match the tuning of other instruments or recorded music.

The YPP15 also has a built-in demonstration feature allows you to listen to the different voices through timeless musical pieces. This feature can help determine the proper voice to use for a particular musical piece, or just be enjoyed while relaxing.