Yamaha YPP35 Classic Home Piano

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-03
Yamaha YPP35 Classic Home Piano

YPP35 Personal Electronic Piano
The integration of modern music technology with traditional style and sound is accomplished in the Yamaha YPP35. A true combination of these two worlds, the YPP35 is a musical instrument that utilizes state of the art electronics to produce full, rich, classic tones. The YPP35, although advanced, blends easily into any home environment and is extremely easy and fun to play.

The Advanced Traditional Sound
With the YPP35 you can listen to, and perform in 8 great voices, including such classical sounds as acoustic piano and harpsichord. The YPP35 further broadens your range of musical expression with such features as adjustable touch sensitivity, a damper pedal to produce longer sustains, and full, square keys, like on an acoustic piano, that respond to how hard or soft you play them.

Ensemble and Reverb
The Ensemble function gives you the dramatic impression of multiple instruments playing simultaneously. Reverb creates the illusion of playing in a large, sound responsive concert hall. These functions work alone or together and are yours to command with the touch of a button.

Performance Memory
Four performances can be stored and replayed with the performance Memory. This allows you to accompany a stored song as it plays. Or you can detect areas that need work from recorded practice sessions. Changing stored songs is easy, and like all the functions of the YPP35, the Performance Memory is very simple to understand and operate.

For the serious student there is a metronome function allowing you to practice to the proper beat with the touch of a button. The tempo can be increased or decreased to meet the demands of each musical piece, making it an invaluable practice tool.

Transpose and Pitch Control
The transpose function allows you to play in any key, without changing your fingering. The pitch control function lets you match the tuning of other instruments, recorded music, or voices you accompany.

MIDI Compatibility
Without MIDI compatibility, today's electronic instruments cannot be considered state of the art. The YPP35 is MIDI compatible, giving you the potential for an electronic music system with virtually no limits in creating and controlling your music.