Yamaha YPP45 Classic Home Piano

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-03
Yamaha YPP45 Classic Home Piano

Stunning Sound
5 voices that you can select at the touch of a button- 2 acoustic pianos, an electric piano, harpsichord, and vibes. All of these are produced by Yamaha's unmatched AWM (Advanced Wave Technology)

Intimate Playability
YPP-45 features a full-size 76-key keyboard with weighted and balanced keys that parallel the feel and playability of an acoustic piano. Select from three touch-sensitivity settings to perfectly match your playing style.

Built-in Metronome
You can adjust the tempo from 40 to 280 beats per minute via easily-accessible panel buttons.

2 Headphone Jacks for Private Practice
So two people can share the music.

MIDI Interface
The YPP-45 can be interfaced with advanced electronic music equipment via a built-in MIDI interface. Multi-timbre Mode allows five voices to be played simultaneously from an external MIDI sequencer or music computer.

Transposition and Tuning
Transposition function lets you transpose up or down in semitone steps over a one-octave range. A fine-tuning function is also provided to precisely match the pitch of the YPP-45 to other instruments.

28-note polyphony
It provides plenty of note capacity for even the most complex pieces.

Built-in demonstration feature
It provides effective demonstrations of all five voices.

Built-in power supply
It eliminates the need for a separate AC adaptor.