Yamaha n12/n8 Digital Mixer

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-04
Yamaha n12/n8 Digital Mixer

Take a good look at the n8 and n12: nothing confusing here, just the familiar layout and look of an analog console. Input controls, EQ, sends, faders, monitor controls, meters … all just where you'd expect them to be. So why are they called “Digital Mixing Studios?” Because behind the comfortable, intuitive interface lies an extraordinarily powerful digital mixer and production center that works seamlessly with an advanced version of Steinberg's Cubase DAW running on your Macintosh or Windows PC. The n-series Digital Mixing Studios are elegantly optimized combinations of hardware and software that set up easily and let you get right down to making music with maximum quality and control, and with minimum interference from “technology.”

This elusive but essential ingredient can mean the difference between recording a memo or a masterpiece. It's not just you, or the gear you use, but a synergetic connection between the two. The Yamaha n-series Digital Mixing Studios have been created primarily to make that connection easier to achieve. Obviously the equipment won't make the music for you, but bad sound and/or complicated procedures will certainly dampen your inspiration and enthusiasm. That's why the n8 and n12 have been designed from the ground up to make recording and mixing a creative joy rather than a technical hassle. You'll sound good, and you'll be able to create the moods and textures you're after with minimum effort … in short, you'll feel great about the whole process so your talent can really shine. Inspiration can be unreliable, but when it strikes the Yamaha n-series Digital Mixing Studios let you capture it in all its creative glory.

• Intuitive analog-style physical interface with one-function-per-control simplicity.
• 24-bit 96-kHz digital mixing and signal processing inside.
• Top-performance microphone/line preamplifiers with custom capacitors and discrete class-A circuitry.
• Innovative Sweet Spot Morphing Compressors on mono input channels
• 3-band channel EQ with sweepable midrange and +/-18dB control.
• High-resolution Yamaha Rev-X digital reverb.
• Comprehensive monitoring facilities.
• Seamless integration with bundled Cubase AI DAW software.
• Essential software control direct from the console.
• One-cable IEEE 1394 connection between console and computer.
• Designed for making music.

n12 Digital Mixing Studio
• 12 input channels: 8 discrete class-A microphone preamps, 2 stereo line inputs.
• 16-in/16-out* FireWire Audio Interface.
• 5.1 surround monitoring capability.

n8 Digital Mixing Studio
• 8 input channels: discrete class-A microphone preamps, 2 stereo line inputs.
• 12-in/12-out* FireWire Audio Interface.