Alpine NVE-N872A Advanced DVD Navigation System

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Alpine NVE-N872A Advanced DVD Navigation System

Any navigation system can steer you in the right direction, and get you from point A to point B. But what if you could do more? This isn't just navigation, it's advanced navigation. Expect more from Alpine's award-winning, premier DVD-based fixed navigation system- the NVE-N872A.

* Full Coverage across the US (including Hawaii) and Canada
* Over 9 Million Points Of Interest including freeway exits
* Multi-language Capable (English, Spanish or French)
* Voice/Touch/Remote Control Capabilities
* Enhanced Graphical User Interface (GUI)
* 3-D Freeway Junction View
* Real-Time Satellite Traffic Data Ready (view traffic incidents, congestion, alternate detour route)
* Zagat Survey® Data (find restaurants)

Navigation Legacy
With 12 years of experience in the navigation market and as the winner of five J.D. Power awards for customer satisfaction in fixed navigation, Alpine's heritage is unparalleled. Now on the fourth-generation fixed navigation system for the U.S. market, you can feel confident in the expertise Alpine brings to your vehicle.

Traffic, No Sweat
With satellite traffic powered by NAVTEQ® Traffic, you can view traffic congestion levels on–screen, so you know what roads to avoid ahead of time. The NVE-N872a is Satellite Traffic Ready, and you can choose between XM® or SIRIUS® Traffic Services. All you need to add is an optional XM or SIRIUS tuner box, and subscription to either XM or SIRIUS Traffic Service. Access continuously updated satellite traffic data and receive alerts to delays, construction, and accidents. The NVE-N872A offers Route Guidance, so if you see traffic and want to detour around it, the system will re-route around traffic to your destination.

Turn-By-Turn Guidance
Voice Guidance
Anticipate upcoming turns and highway exits, easily with real time voice guidance. Follow simple voice instructions for stress-free direct-route driving. Guidance is available in three languages: English, Spanish, and French.

Hot Spots
Set out on road trip, and find local hot spots along the way. The NVE-N872A has a huge database of over 9 million Points Of Interest (POI's). There are 14 types of on-screen icons of nearby locations for restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, parking lots, sightseeing spots, and much more. You can also sift through POI's by list, select the category you want, and select your destination. With Zenrin Interstate Exit POI's, you can get information about what amenities and services can be found within a 5 mile radius of your interstate exit.

Hungry No More
With a built-in Zagat Survey® guide, it's easier to eat on the road. You can sort restaurants by neighborhood, style of cuisine, cost, décor, and service, and find the exact restaurant you feel like. You can see what the experts think, as Zagat data provides rating information and average meal prices. Zagat also provides the restaurant's phone number, so you can call ahead for reservations.

You're in Command
The NVE-N872A can be hooked up with Alpine AV head units for the ultimate control. The NVE-N872A is compatible with: IVA-D105, IVA-W205, IVA-W200, IVA-D310, TME-M740BT, and TMI-M990.

Say it, Touch it, Press it.
You can operate your navigation system via voice, touch, or remote control. You can choose methods that are convenient for you. The interface is designed with you in mind. Simple menu's and useful features make navigating easy. The NVE-N872A is the most robust and easiest navigation system for everyday use.

Voice Control
You can control your navigation with voice commands using the NVE-N872A's supplied microphone. There are more than 300 recognized voice commands. You can input destinations by voice, and even control media sources and basic audio functions.

Street Name Input
With Alpine's exclusive Street Name Input feature, you can just ay the name of the street you want to go to, no need to spell out each letter. It's the easiest way to input your street destination.

Easy Street Input
With Alpine's exclusive Easy Street Input, your system will automatically determine what category of road your destination falls under, whether it is a street, avenue, or parkway. It also calculates whether the street requires a North, South, East, or West prefix. Let it handle the details for you.

Touch Control
You can access all your navigation features with a touch of your finger. Simply place your finger on the display of the paired Alpine AV head unit and select features easily. With an exclusive Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Drivers™, the NVE-N872A provides easy-to-understand on-screen driving directions and intuitive operational functions.

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