Asus R600 Personal Navigation Device

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Asus R600 Personal Navigation Device

ASUS R600 Auto Light Sensor PND Utilizes Bluetooth 2.0 for Handsfree Calls

To cater to users who require a sleek, compact and powerful Personal Navigation Device (PND), ASUS has announced the release of the new ASUS R600 Auto Light Sensor PND. With an intuitive built-in auto light sensor that automatically adjusts the LCD backlight, BlueTooth handsfree, and the ability to transform into a portable multimedia entertainment center, the R600 is a versatile and fashionable-looking piece of hardware for enhanced navigational needs.

Safety First
With inherent Bluetooth 2.0 handsfree calling support, the R600 will provide users with safer operations by being able to automatically answer incoming calls. These features allow drivers to concentrate more on their driving without the need to handle the device. The R600 also contains a built-in auto light sensor that automatically optimizes the backlighting of the LCD panel. This safety feature allows users to view navigational directions whether it is night or day; or even when driving in a tunnel. With this feature, users will get optimal lighting to view directions without straining their eyes or drawing too much attention from driving.

Quick and Smart Navigation
The R600’s intuitive software, with its smart computation, allows users to plan and optimize multi-stop trips, retrieve addresses from the History, Favorites and POIs; and even use it for pedestrian navigation in city centers and parks. The R600 also utilizes a user-friendly interface that is convenient to operate without requiring the user to manually input all of the data. It also contains high quality 2D/3D maps with street names for easier interpretation. Furthermore, the interactive display can display favorites and POIs along the route. As an optional add-on, users can use a TMC module to have real-time traffic information and accurate traffic data for easier navigation. TMC functionality depend on service availability of each region.

Innovative Features
The R600 is designed with lightweight and portability in mind. At only 18mm in thickness, its slim build is highly portable and contains a built-in internal antenna. Its 4.3-inch super large display provides users with ease in navigation – showcasing big maps that point out more roads, lanes and points of interest (POI) on the screen.

The R600 also uses a 2200mAh battery that allows the R600 to operate up to 6 hours consecutively – the longest lasting battery life for the PND market. Another great feature is the built-in 128MB internal Flash memory that stores the R600 navigationa application so as to avoid accidental deletion by the user. Additionally, the R600 also supports SD card expansion up to 4G.

Entertainment Center
The R600 can also double as an entertainment device rather than a navigational tool alone. It is able to support playback for MP3s, as well as video and photo viewing – making it the ultimate companion while taking a rest in the car or at a café.