Asus R710 Personal Navigation Device

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Asus R710 Personal Navigation Device

The new Asus R710 portable navigation device (PND) with PathFinder is a handy navigational gadget that delivers a whole new level of vehicle safety through the world’s first PathFinder HUD (Heads-Up Display) technology. It is also equipped with a large 5" touch screen display that is not only functional, but exudes a sleek, stylish look. The Asus R710 also boasts a large variety of features that enable a smoother, safer drive, including Bluetooth handsfree functions and a built-in light sensor.

Enhanced Car Safety with PathFinder HUD Support
The R710's most unique and innovative feature is the PathFinder HUD. This ability allows the R710 to project navigational instructions—such as directions, speed and so forth—onto the windshield in front of the driver. This serves to aid users in focusing on the roads ahead, removing the need to constantly interact with the device and thus distracting the driver. It typically takes about 1 to 2 seconds for the driver to change his field of vision from the front of the car to a regular PND, so if the driver was travelling at 100 km/h, this glance would have meant that the vehicle had already traversed a distance of 27 m. With the PathFinder HUD, drivers can fully concentrate on the road in front of them—hugely improving car safety.

Sleek Design with Intuitive 5" Touchscreen Interface
The R710's sleek, streamlined design does without the unnecessary clutter of buttons, emphasizing a seamless, smooth look that provides simplicity and elegance. An additional boon of its design is that there are no corners for dirt to gather. The R710 is also highly functional, providing users with a convenient, intuitive and user-friendly interface that utilizes the large 5" touchscreen for easy control. Furthermore, the large screen space allows users to see more roads, lanes and points of interests (POI) on the screen, while the concise and colorful menu helps users navigate with ease. At only 13.5 mm slim and 200 g in weight, the R710 is light enough for easy portability, and with its elegant and sleek look, fits perfectly into any car interior.

Bluetooth Features for a Smoother Drive
With Bluetooth 2.0 handsfree calling support, the R710 provides users with a safe way to answer incoming calls—allowing them to concentrate more on their driving without the need to handle the device. It also features fast transfer speeds and better voice quality for a smoother communicating experience, as well as the ability to auto-pair with other devices—requiring users to only set up connections once before being able to automatically build up Bluetooth connections from then on. The R710 is also equipped with an embedded echo-cancellation chip for superior audio quality.

Safety First with Built-in Auto Light Sensor
The R710 is also equipped with a built-in auto light sensor that automatically optimizes the backlighting of the LCD panel. This safety feature not only saves power, it also lets users view navigational directions regardless of what time it is in the day and environmental lighting conditions—the display remains vivid even when driving in a tunnel, for instance. With this feature, users will get optimal lighting to view directions without straining their eyes or drawing too much attention from driving.

Versatile Entertainment Center
The R710 also doubles as a portable communications and multimedia center that makes driving or rest stops more enjoyable. Users can listen to MP3s, watch videos, and browse through pictures. It also features a Micro SD memory card slot that accepts cards with capacities of up to 8 GB, providing users with more than ample storage space for hours of multimedia enjoyment. No matter if the driver is remaining in the car or taking a rest in a café, the slim and portable R710—with its multimedia functions—is the perfect traveling companion.