Garmin GDL 30/30A Weather Data Receiver

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Garmin GDL 30/30A Weather Data Receiver

The GDL™ 30 and 30A weather data receivers bring XM satellite weather data and XM satellite radio directly to your Garmin chartplotter — without the need for a separate PC interface.

View Weather on Your Plotter

For the first time, mariners using the GDL 30 weather data receiver can view the same leading-edge satellite weather data provided to television meterologists across the United States. The GDL 30 receives XM WX Satellite Weather data, including animated NEXRAD weather radar and forecasts, current conditions, surface air pressure, visibility, precipitation, wind data, wave data, storm cell size, speed and direction and surface temperatures, for your boat's current location or along a projected path. This information appears right on the Map page of your chartplotter, so you can see how the weather will affect your current position.

Listen to Music

With the GDL 30A, you can also receive XM Satellite Radio. The GDL 30A allows you to connect your chartplotter to your on-board stereo to broadcast 120 channels of non-stop music, sports, news and talk.

Connect to the Garmin Marine Network

To take advantage of this detailed information, just connect your GDL 30 or 30A to the Garmin Marine Network, which sends the XM weather and radio data over the entire network, so any chartplotter can access and control it. You can choose one of several subscription packages that offer different types of services.

The GDL 30/30A provides weather data and audio entertainment for the United States (except Alaska and Hawaii) only. For more information about coverage, see the XM Satellite Radio website.

GDL 30/30A: Delivering real-time weather data to mariners like never before