Garmin GMR 24 Digital Radar

Garmin Updated: 2008-09-17 RSS
Garmin GMR 24 Digital Radar

The GMR 24 digital radar combines power, range and exceptional target definition for improved situational awareness on the water.

Track Targets

This 24-inch radome has 4 kilowatts of transmit power and a range of 48 nautical miles. GMR 24 boasts a 3.6° horizontal and 25-degree vertical beamwidth, which allows for clear target definition in all weather conditions. It also features dual rotation speed, with the ability to switch from 24 RPM to 30 RPM for rapid target updates while navigating in tight quarters.

With the GMR 24, you can also avoid traffic on the water using the unit's MARPA target tracking, which allows you to track the bearing, course, speed and predicted closest approach of multiple targets.

Easily Connect to the Garmin Marine Network

The GMR 24 transmits data over the Garmin Marine Network, a waterproof 100-megabit plug-and-play proprietary network that gives you the ability to expand your boat's system as needed. Like other Garmin radar, GMR 24 processes raw data within the radome. This avoids the need for a dedicated external display, allowing any network-compatible Garmin chartplotter to double as your radar screen. And as an aid to locational awareness, you can overlay the GMR 24 radar image on the chartplotter's map page. You can also split the on-screen display so that you can view the map and the standard radar page simultaneously.