Garmin GPSMAP 298 Sounder

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Garmin GPSMAP 298 Sounder

Own the lake with the GPSMAP 298 Sounder and its counterpart, the GPSMAP 292. With a powerful built-in sounder and enhanced worldwide basemap, the 298 can handle any fishing adventure.

Catch Some Fish

The 298 comes with a built-in dual-frequency 500-watt (RMS) sounder with Garmin's exclusive See-Thru® fish targeting technology. The sounder features Ultrascroll™ for high-speed screen updates and can show both the sonar and map on the screen at the same time. And, it can even connect to another chartplotter or sounder with Garmin's proprietary CANet™ connection.

Chart Your Course

The GPSMAP 298 features an enhanced worldwide basemap that depicts shorelines, roads and surface features in richer detail. The 5-inch screen shows details in bright, crisp color. And for even more detail, the 298 also accepts preloaded BlueChart® g2 data cards, including bathymetric data.

The 298 is available in several versions: The UK version comes preloaded with UK and Ireland BlueChart g2 detailed maps. The Australian and New Zealand versions also comes preloaded with BlueChart g2 marine map detail for that region. All versions come preloaded with over 15 languages for ease of use.

GPSMAP 298 Sounder: Ready for adventure on the high seas