Garmin TR-1 Gladiator Marine Autopilot

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Garmin TR-1 Gladiator Marine Autopilot

Garmin's TR-1 Gladiator Marine Autopilot offers powerboat captains a whole new level of reliability and hands-free control while boating or fishing.

Experience the Ease of Shadow Drive™ Technology

The TR-1 Gladiator's patented Shadow Drive™ technology gives you the security of knowing you maintain control even when relying upon the autopilot. The Shadow Drive system automatically disengages the autopilot if the helm is turned, allowing you to maneuver the boat out of harms way. The autopilot automatically re-engages when a steady course is held by the operator.

Benefit from unsurpassed reliability

The TR-1 Gladiator calculates its own rudder rate via a high-speed digital microprocessor. So there is no need for a remote rudder-angle sensor, which can be prone to failure. The result is a quicker, more reliable autopilot steering response.

The Gladiator can interface with any Garmin GPS or NMEA 0183 compatible chartplotter for ease of navigation to selected waypoints or routes. The Gladiator's performance of GPS-interfaced patterns and non-GPS patterns offers added safety as well as other benefits. With the push of a button your boat can perform patterns such as zig zag, orbit, cloverleaf, circles, step turns, U-turns, man over board, and search pattern.

Note: Sold only in North America