Magellan Maestro 4370 GPS Navigator

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Magellan Maestro 4370 GPS Navigator

Effortless navigation! The new OneTouch™ menu, featured on the Magellan Maestro 4370, exclusively sold at Best Buy, gives you instant access to your favorite places and searches. Simply customize the OneTouch icons to display the points of interest you want easy access to - restaurants, banks, businesses, and so many more. OneTouch™ also saves searches! Program your favorite coffee shop to a OneTouch™ icon and you can easily search for that shop anywhere you are at the moment!

The Magellan 4370 also makes the perfect travelling companion with maps of the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Getting to your destination is made easier with announced street names and directions, voice guidance, lane guidance, and 3D buildings to easily spot landmarks. Live traffic reports allow you to navigate around heavy or stationary traffic, while Pedestrian mode makes it easy to continue your route once you've parked the car.

With 6 million points of interest, the question isn't "how do I get there" but "where do I go next".
* OneTouch menu let's you create shortcuts to your favorite destinations and points of interest
* 4.3" wide, WVGA color touch screen provides clear, crisp on-screen graphics and seamless touch panel
* 3D landmarks provide easy-to-spot visual cues
* Announces street names and directions at each turn
* Bluetooth® compatibility enables hands-free calling with enabled phones, see phone compatibility chart
* Lane guidance for confident highway driving
* Live Traffic capability provides you with real-time incident reports to the screen with alerts for slow downs, accidents, road closures, severe weather, and more. Should you come up on an incident, the Maestro 4370 will automatically prompt you to reroute when a quicker way is available.
* Hear voice guidance through your car's FM stereo with the built-in FM transmitter function
* Built-in AAA TourBook™ gives you instant access to AAA approved and rated lodging and restaurants, recommended attractions, discount locations.1
* AAA Roadside assistance screens gives your location details and the AAA phone number. In case of a flat tire you know who to call and what to tell them! 1
* 6 million points of interest (POIs) are pre-programmed, making it easy to find gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, coffee, and so much more. Search by name or category near your position or near any city.
* QuickSpell™ auto-complete feature makes it easy to enter destinations with just a few touches of the screen and even corrects spelling.
* Pedestrian mode allows you to continue on your route once you've parked your car
* SmartDetour™ automatically prompts you to route around sudden slow freeway traffic
* Rechargeable battery lets you navigate for up to 4 hours when power is unavailable
* Missed a turn? Forced to detour? Automatic re-route quickly gets you back on track
* Customizable route method lets you select your preferred route from options displayed with driving time.
* Integrated MP3 player lets you bring along your favorite songs whenever you travel
* Drive safe with the optional speed limit warning. A voice and icon will let you know when you are exceeding the speed limit.

Case: High-impact plastic
Pre-Loaded Maps: Entire U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada
Size: 4.65" W x 3.26" H x 0.70" D (11.81cm W x 8.28cm H x 1.78cm H)
Weight: 7.39 oz (209.51 g)
Screen Size: 4.3" VGA - color touch screen
Memory available for map storage: 2GB NAND
Antenna Type: Integrated multidirectional patch

GPS: WAAS/EGNOS enabled Titan 1
GPS Accuracy: 3 to 5 meters (10 - 16 feet)

Source: 2200ma Li-ion rechargeable, CLA 12-24 or AC adaptor (sold separately)
Battery Life: Up to 3 hours