Motorola T815 Bluetooth Phone Based Navigation System

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Motorola T815 Bluetooth Phone Based Navigation System

Find your way without missing a call with the latest navigation device from Motorola. The Smartphone-Based Navigation System T815 featuring MOTONAV adds turn-by-turn GPS navigation to a compatible Bluetooth® smartphone. Complete with turn-by-turn spoken directions and maps on screen with visual directions to your destination, the T815 is a necessity for pedestrians and motorists alike. When you?re traveling light the T815 will not bulk you up - so compact it will fit into your pocket. Not only does the T815 make it easy to find directions - it makes it easy to get started. Included when you purchase this new navigation system is a car charger for long road trips, a phone holder, flexible mounting options and a memory card with the MOTONAV solution and extra space for your music.

T815 Features:

* For Smartphones (such as MOTO Q)
* maps and routing on phone screen
* Turn-by-turn GPS navigation
* Spoken and visual directions
* Compact and portable
* Find restaurants, fuel, museums... all types of locations
* Enter, search for, save, map, and share locations with your friends.
* Automatic power-off after one hour of inactivity
* Fits in pocket forpedestrian use

What you get in the box:

* Pre-loaded MOTONAV software on 2GB microSD memory card (with micro-mini SD adaptor)
* Bluetooth-enabled GPS receiver
* Dash mount for GPS receiver
* Visor clip for GPS receiver
* Car Charger
* Universal Phone Holder
* Quck Start Guide
* Voucher code for Companion Website access & 6 mos free Traffic feature access

Full Specification:

Bluetooth: Yes
Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.63 in x 0.59 in
Compatible Model: MOTO Q9e,MOTO Z6c,MOTO Q9c,MOTO Q9m,MOTO Q9h,MOTO Q9,MOTO Q
Weight: 1.98 oz (56g)