TomTom GO 920 T GPS Car Navigator

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TomTom GO 920 T GPS Car Navigator

The GO 920 and it's sibling, the 920T, are TomTom's new flagship portable gps navigators, replacing the GO 910. The GO 920T comes bundled with TomTom's RDS-TMC traffic receiver and a one-year subscription to the Clear Channel traffic service, which allows users to receive real-time traffic information. The traffic receiver is sold as a separate accessory for the GO 920.

The first big difference you'll notice is that the 920s are much thinner than the 910. TomTom introduced this slim form factor with last year's ONE. With the release of the top-of-the-line 920s, TomTom now offers a full range of units in the new form factor (see a feature comparison for all of TomTom's GO and ONE devices). When you turn it on, you'll also notice the increased performance and features the 920s packs into their slimmer form.

What's New -- Enhanced Positioning Technology
TomTom's new Enhanced Positioning Technology uses movement and gravity sensors to calculate drivers' positions when GPS signals are unavailable. This helps the device continue to navigate to its destination, even when there may not be a direct line-of-sight connection to a satellite (for example, when driving in a city with tall buildings, underpasses or bridges).

What's New -- Voice Prompted Address Entry
Voice prompted address entry gives users the option to speak the address to which they want to drive. Users can simply speak the city, street name and address number they would like to travel to, and the device will automatically calculate the route.

TomTom Mapshare
MapShare lets you add your own map corrections and POIs, then share them with the entire TomTom user community via the TomTom HOME website

What's New -- Map Share
The GO 920 includes TomTom's innovative new Map Share technology. Map Share enables users to make easy changes to the map and to share map corrections with other TomTom customers so that users always have the most up-to-date maps available.

Widescreen View and FM Transmitter
See more. Hear more. The GO 920 offers a 4.3-inch, extra-wide, touch-screen LCD display that features anti-glare technology for easy viewing even in direct sunlight. Realistic and clear visual instructions are provided with high-quality 3D graphics, while spoken instructions tell you where you need to go in your own language. As an added convenience, text-to-speech functionality provides you with actual street names. The built-in FM Transmitter to play music and navigation instructions over the car stereo.

Hands-Free Calling
In more and more places, it is becoming illegal to use cell phones while driving without a hands-free kit. The GO 920's Bluetooth capability, microphone and speaker lets match it to any bluetooth-capable phone to make hands-free mobile phone calls.

The GO 920 comes come preinstalled with complete maps of the United States, Canada and Europe on 4 GB of internal memory. The GO 920 range has the most complete set of pre-installed maps available in TomTom's entire portfolio.

Remote control
The TomTom GO 920 range comes with an improved Bluetooth remote control. The remote control enables drivers to operate the device safely from anywhere in the car without having to reach over to the device.

Help When You Need It
Extensive safety features including 'Help Me' menu, to give drivers direct access to emergency services and roadside assistance;

Fun Extras to Personalize Your TomTom
Record your own driving instructions. View documents, exchange positions via SMS and Bluetooth  wireless technology and select a favorite car icon on the screen.

Full range of accessories to match the design and finish of the new GO range, including a leather carry case, a soft touch carry case, iPod cable and a home charger.