Belkin F5D5231-4 4-Port Router

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Belkin F5D5231-4 4-Port Router

The Belkin 4-Port Cable/DSL Gateway Router (the Router) lets you easily share your cable or DSL modem's connection to the Internet with all your connected computers. Along with the convenience of networking, you'll enjoy the advantages of broadband Internet access without the expense of additional service connections and extra modems. The Router provides top-level security to your network with a NAT firewall that locks out would-be hackers, and you'll also be able to restrict access on any or all of the computers on the network. Using VPN (Virtual Private Networking), the Router can be configured to allow remote access to the network by authorized users.

# Shares your single, broadband Internet account with up to 4 computers
# Offers accelerated multiplayer gaming
# Supports PPTP, PPPoE, IPSec pass through protocols and DHCP (client and server)
# Uses the built-in switch to share files and peripherals
# Provides dedicated bandwidth to each computer in your network, enabling error-free data transmission
# Protects your computer and network against unauthorized access with NAT firewall
# Logs attempted intrusions into your network
# Lets you access your network from remote locations with VPN
# Adds more computers to your network through the uplink port
# Works with Macintosh® computers and PCs
# Also supports computers running Linux or Unix OS
# Configures easily via your web browser or Easy Install Wizard
# Life-time warranty Free 24 hour technical support
# Stackable enclosure and verticle stand minimizes device footprint