Belkin F8T012-1 Bluetooth USB Adapter

Belkin Updated: 2008-10-04 RSS
Belkin F8T012-1 Bluetooth USB Adapter

Now you can add Bluetooth wireless capabilities to your USB desktop or notebook computer. The Adapter is ideal for home or mobile use. It allows your computer to make cable-free connections to other Bluetooth devices quickly, without having to establish a networking infastructure. Simply plug the Adapter into the USB port of your computer and connect to your cell phones, printers, PDAs, or other computers enabled with Bluetooth technology. Then wirelessly access the internet and your email, print documents, transfer files and contact information, and more.

The Adapter uses advanced technologies - Bluetooth standard v2.0 +EDR and USB 2.0 - to provide you with quicker connection times, enhanced voice and multimedia quality, greater Wi-Fi environments, and up to three-times-faster data-transfer speeds.

* Adds Bluetooth wireless technology to your desktop or notebook computer
* Provides cable-free connections to devices up to 100 meters away
* Delivers faster connection times and improved performance
* Offers low power consumption
* Backward-compatibility with Bluetooth v1.1-, 1.2- and 2.0-compliant devices
* USB 2.0 Plug-and-Play convenience
* Fast pairing time (3.5 - 5 seconds)
* Compatibility with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP and Mac OSX v10.3 and higher