D-Link DEM-420CX 10 Gigabit CX-4 Module

D-Link Updated: 2008-10-06 RSS
D-Link DEM-420CX 10 Gigabit CX-4 Module

The D-Link DEM-420CX is a 2-port 10Gigabit copper CX-4 uplink module for the xStack 3300 series DXS-3326GSR and DXS-3350SR switches. The DEM-420CX offers a highly affordable, 10Gigabit uplink option using copper CX-4 cable.

Significantly lower in cost than 10Gigabit XFP fiber, this copper cable supports distances up to 20 meters, and is designed for connecting to near by servers, Network Attached Storage devices, and switches. The DEM-420CX uplink module is equipped with embedded transceivers, eliminating the need for users to purchase additional costly fiber XFP transceivers.

The DEM-420CX module slides into the back of the DXS-3350SR or DXS-3326GSR and provides 2 10Gigabit CX-4 ports. Each of these ports is capable of up to 20Gbps in full duplex for a total combined uplink capacity of 40Gbps.

The DEM-420CX uplink module is an ideal solution for high-bandwidth network connections at short distances up to 20 meters.