D-Link DES-1228P Web Smart Switch

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D-Link DES-1228P Web Smart Switch

The DES-1228P Web Smart Switch is a cost-effective solution for small and medium businesses that require basic management features, showcased in a low cost, easy to configure, and GUI managed 'smart' business solution. The DES-1228P comes with 24 10/100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet ports, 4 1000BASE-T copper interfaces for uplinking to Storage Area Network (SAN) devices, servers, or core switching solutions, and 2 combo SFP fiber slots for long haul uplinking via optional 100BASE-FX or 1000BASE-X transceivers. The DES-1228P is more versatile than ever with integrated wireless switching features. Whether the end nodes are a wired PC workstation or a wireless client, such as the Web Smart DWL-3140AP, the entire network can be managed via a single unified wired/wireless platform.

The DES-1228P incorporates advanced mechanisms to detect attacks against the central processing unit of the switch and to take corrective action on the attacking interface. When a Denial of Service attack is waged against the DES-1228P, the D-Link Safeguard Engine prevents overload of the central processor, thus insuring network integrity and maintaining open network bandwidth channels. The DES-1228P also supports 802.1x Authentication, which provides a secure means to allow users to log onto your network. When used in conjunction with a RADIUS server, 802.1x requires each user workstation attached to the DES-1228P to provide a username and password before gaining access to the local area network.

Unified Wireless and Wired
Without additional costs or licensing, the administrator of the switch can monitor wired or wireless end nodes via a central web interface. Supporting WEP, WPA, WPA2 authentication, DES-1228P can manage up to 24 access points and up to 200 clients. The unified web smart switch facilitates access point deployment by allowing a set of templates to be created, then distributing the same template to multiple access points via a simple click of a button. With no additional license purchase necessary, the Web Smart Switch supports the 802.11g Web Smart Access Point DWL-3140AP, which has a discrete smoke detector (ceiling-mount) form factor that facilitates deployment. All DWL-3140AP and additional D-Link Web Smart switches can be automatically discovered, allowing network topology and layout to be generated in seconds.

Link Aggregation
The DES-1228P supports static port trunking of up to 6 groups of 8 ports per device. Ports can be combined together to create a fat pipe to a server or a network backbone. To expand the network, you can also make use of link aggregation eliminating bottlenecks between cascaded switches.

802.1Q VLANs
The DES-1228P provides support for 802.1Q VLANs improving security and bandwidth utilization. VLANs work by segmenting broadcast domains, thus reducing network congestion due to constant network broadcasting. In addition, VLANs provide a means of securing each broadcast domain from all others. This in turn prevents users on one VLAN from gaining access to resources on another VLAN.

802.1p Priority Tagging
For mission critical packets, the DES-1228P supports 802.1p priority tagging to ensure expedited delivery. This feature differs from Port-Based QoS in that 802.1priority tagging allows the administrator to assign and designate the priority of traffic. 802.1p support is ideal for applications such as voice or video traffic so that it is delivered clean and jitter free.

SNMP Management & 802.1D Spanning Tree
The DES-1228P supports SNMPv1. SNMP is a useful tool in managing and controlling SNMP supported network devices. SNMP enables the DES-1228P to be polled to provide valuable information about the status of the unit and send traps on abnormal events. This sharing of vital management information saves time and money. Furthermore, the DES-1228P supports Spanning Tree Protocol, which provides protection from unintentional cabling loops forming within a network infrastructure. Loops are dangerous in that they create an unending circle where broadcast and multicast traffic propagate across the network in an endless loop. This creates a storm of traffic that overwhelms the network and brings traffic to a crawl. 802.1D Spanning Tree detects and breaks these loops ensuring network uptime.

IGMP Snooping
IGMP Snooping enables the forwarding of multicast packets such as streaming audio and video without increasing network broadcast congestion. By snooping IGMP registration information within a frame, a list of workstations that have joined the multicast group is created. This list then allows the switch to intelligently forward packets to only the appropriate member workstations.

Smart Utility
Included with every DES-1228P is a D-Link exclusive software utility that allows all D-Link smart switches and DWL-3140AP to be discovered automatically with one click of the button.

Managing the DES-1228P has never been easier. Using its built-in browser-based management interface, configuring the switch takes only minutes. With full color graphic pictures, diagrams and easy to understand navigation menus, configuring the DES-1228P with the features you require is as easy as surfing the net. The DES-1228P supports many of today's most sought after features like 802.1P Priority Queuing, 802.1Q VLANs, Port Trunking, 802.1x Authentication, Port Mirroring, SNMP, 802.1d Spanning Tree, Link Aggregation, IGMP Snooping, Broadcast Storm Control, and more.