D-Link DES-3226L Managed Switch

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D-Link DES-3226L Managed Switch

D-Link's DES-3226L is a high-performance managed Layer 2 switch that provides an ideal solution for workgroups and departments. The DES-3226L has 24 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet ports and 2 combo Gigabit Copper/SFP ports for high-speed uplinks to servers and/or backbones.

High-Performance, High Availability Layer2 Switching
With an 8.8Gbps switch fabric, and support for up to 8000 MAC addresses, the DES-3226L is a wire-speed, high performance departmental switch. The DES-3226L supports 802.3ad Link Aggregation (LACP). Link Aggregation or port trunking enables users to increase availability and aggregates bandwidth between servers and/or other switches by combining multiple links of the same speed as one logical link.

Investment Protection
By widely supporting IEEE approved specifications, the DES-3226L leverages your existing investment in a multi-vendor environment, while maximizing compatibility of business critical features like, Spanning Tree (802.1D/802.1s/802.1w), QoS (802.1p), Port Mirroring, and Network Management (SNMP/RMON/BOOTP/Telnet/Web).

D-Link's DES-3226L robust support of standards based network management protocols (SNMP/RMON/BOOTP/ Telnet/Web) and port mirroring enables the DES-3226L to be easily integrated into many third-party network management packages.

Advanced Enterprise Features
The DES-3226L brings advanced enterprise functions to a more affordable level while supporting advanced features: 802.1p (QoS/CoS), 802.1x (Port Based Authentication) with support for a RADIUS server, IGMP snooping, 802.3ad (Link Aggregation) with LACP, and VLANs. These features facilitate the deployment of applications across an enterprise such as: VoIP, streaming media, and multicast content delivery (IP video conferencing and software deployment).

Robust Security
The DES-3226L offers enterprise class security in an affordable SMB solution. The DES-3226L supports 802.1x RADIUS user authentication. When a user attempts to log onto the local network through the DES-3226L, the 802.1x protocol requires that the user provide a username and password that is then authenticated by a RADIUS server. 802.1x security prevents unauthorized individuals from connecting to the switch and gaining access to secure network resources. In addition the DES-3226L supports SSH and SNMP v1/2/3 for secure encrypted switch management and monitoring.

Network Management
The DES-3226L supports an industry standard CLI (command line interface) to allow for ease in administration. With an industry standard CLI, less time is spent learning a new interface, saving your network administrator time and money. Additional Management support includes SNMP v1/2/3, RMON, TFTP, Telnet, and BootP/DHCP and a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for easy visual configuration and monitoring.