D-Link DGE-550SX PCI-X Fiber 1000BASE-SX Network Adapter

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D-Link DGE-550SX PCI-X Fiber 1000BASE-SX Network Adapter

The DGE-550SX Fiber Gigabit Adapter is a high-bandwidth network adapter, providing up to 2000Mbps full-duplex bandwidth capacity to support high-end servers. This adapter delivers added performance to the network while working with the existing LAN infrastructure. In addition, with advanced functions like VLAN tagging, 802.1p Quality of Service, and 802.3ad Link aggregation support, the DGE-550SX adapter provides added performance, flexible configuration and secure networking to users in a standards-based environment.

High Performance
Delivering network speed up to 2000Mbps (full-duplex), the adapter brings ample bandwidth to servers up to 500m away. The DGE-550SX offloads the host operating system overhead by providing on-board verification of IP header and TCP/UDP checksum for data received, this in turn frees up server processing power for other applications.

Supports 32/64-bit PCI-X bus configuration
This adapter operates at up to 133MHz with a 32 or 64 bit wide data path. It auto-configures according to the different data path widths, while maintaining compatibility with various server configurations.

VLAN Support
The adapter provides on-board screening of VLAN tagged Ethernet frames compliant with IEEE 802.1Q. This allows the server to operate in a flexible and secure network configuration in a standards-based environment.

QoS Support
The DGE-550SX supports 802.1p tagging for improved delivery of time sensitive data such as voice and video.

The DGE-550SX supports other advanced features such as Jumbo Frame support up to 9KB, Wake-on-LAN management, Promiscuous mode, and support for 802.3ad link aggregation for trunking ports to obtain one large bandwidth channel.