D-Link DGL-4100 Broadband Gigabit Gaming Router

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D-Link DGL-4100 Broadband Gigabit Gaming Router

Networking Evolved
Push the limits of basic networking technology and experience the evolution in networking. Share broadband Internet, boost network performance, stay competitive in your online games with D-Link's new cutting-edge GamerLounge™ Broadband Gigabit Gaming Router, powered by GameFuel™ Priority Technology.

Fit for the True Online Gamer

* Introducing GameFuel ™ Priority Technology designed to provide the uninterrupted and latency-free gaming experience serious online gamers expect
* Customized with game-centric features boasting maximum flexibility for configuration and performance
* Designed for the Gamers Network

Cutting-Edge Technology For Today and Tomorrow's Gamers Network

* GameFuel ™ Priority powered platform reduces latency and boosts network efficiency and performance
* Intelligently manages and automatically prioritizes network traffic to better execute bandwidth-sensitive applications including VoIP and multimedia applications
* High-Performance CPU to support thousands of concurrent connections – ideal for P2P applications and multiplayer interactivity
* Enables multi-tasking between other applications without degradation in game connection
* Pre-configured ports to accommodate up to 256 policies for games and applications
* Customizable settings to add or modify new applications or game configurations
* Firmware upgrade notification feature keeps your new D-Link Gaming Router up to date

Intimidation Never Looked This Good

* One Fast Ethernet 10/100 WAN port which supports virtually all broadband Internet connections
* Four Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 auto-sensing LAN ports
* Fine-tuned web GUI enhancements for seamless device management

Play Your Games, Protect Your Network

* Integrated Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall and Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall help protect against hackers, wardrivers, and other unauthorized users
* Create versatile Access Control policies to control network access based on time, date, websites, and/or applications
* Supports Virtual Private Network (VPN) pass-through to create a secure connection to office networks