D-Link DUB-9240 Wireless USB Starter Kit

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D-Link DUB-9240 Wireless USB Starter Kit

The new D-Link® Wireless USB Starter Kit (DUB-9240) enables you to connect USB devices wirelessly to your PC. It provides the convenience of Plug-and-Play USB connectivity with the benefits of wireless. This kit includes a Wireless USB Adapter (DUB-1210) and a Wireless USB 4-Port Hub (DUB-2240) so you can wirelessly connect USB printers, scanners, digital cameras, game controllers, flash drives, external hard drives, and other USB devices* to your PC.

The DUB-9240 Wireless USB Starter Kit delivers fast wireless communication between your computer and USB peripheral devices*. The DUB-9240 is designed for wirelessly connecting USB peripherals* up to a 30-foot range of your computer. It unties you from USB cables, enabling wireless connection of multiple devices for transmission of video, audio, and other high-bandwidth data. Additionally, a wireless frequency range of 3.1GHz to 4.8GHz is used to help avoid interference with Wi-Fi® networks and wireless devices such as mobile phones and cordless home phones.

This kit includes a Quick Setup Wizard so that you can easily connect to your USB peripherals wirelessly. The Wireless USB Starter Kit is expandable. If you need to connect more than four USB devices, you can attach a wired USB hub to the DUB-2240. If you have other USB devices* tucked away in another part of your room, you can simply add another Wireless USB Hub (up to three Wireless USB Hubs to one Wireless USB Adapter), which can be purchased separately.

The Wireless USB Starter Kit is ideal for both home and office users alike. Simultaneously connect to multiple USB devices* to print, transfer files, and stream audio or video content whenever you want with no strings attached.

The D-Link® Wireless USB Starter Kit (DUB-9240) enables you to conveniently connect USB devices to your computer wirelessly up to a 30-foot range. Simply connect the Wireless USB Adapter (DUB-1210) to your computer and connect USB devices* such as printers, digital cameras, and external hard drives to the Wireless USB 4-Port Hub (DUB-2240). This kit is excellent for wirelessly streaming audio and video as well as transferring files from storage devices like USB flash drives or external hard drives.

Set up your new D-Link Wireless USB hardware in minutes using our Quick Setup Wizard. The wizard will guide you through an easy-to-follow process to install your new hardware and add USB peripherals. If you need additional help, visit the D-Link award-winning Customer Support Website for answers to frequently asked questions, product downloads, and easy access to the D-Link customer support team.