D-Link DWL-3140AP Web Smart 802.11g PoE Thin Access Point

D-Link Updated: 2008-10-06 RSS
D-Link DWL-3140AP Web Smart 802.11g PoE Thin Access Point

Flexible Wireless LAN Connectivity
The small form factor DWL-3140AP provides secure client access that supports the new wireless functionality of the DES-1228P Web Smart Switch. Installation of multiple DWL-3140APs increases client mobility within a network. Each DWL-3140AP continually tunes itself for optimal RF channel and provides all mobile clients with the best wireless signal. DWL-3140APs can link to DES-1228Ps directly or through the existing wired network - even across Layer 3 boundaries - and receive Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) from directly connected DES-1228Ps or third-party PoE injectors.

Self-Configuration and Easy Installation
The DES-1228P Web Smart Switch automatically configures every connected DWL-3140AP so that no configuration is necessary during installation. If a DWL-3140AP needs to be replaced, the replacement DWL-3140AP automatically inherits the same configuration, making the replacement process analogous to changing a light bulb. These DWL-3140APs intentionally resemble smoke detectors to minimize visibility. With no protruding antennas and no obvious hallmarks of an AP, DWL-3140APs are less likely to be tampered with.

Port-based Anti-rogue Function
The DES-1228P's port-based anti-rogue function is able to check if connected APs have correct connection keys. If a connected AP does not have the correct key, the DES-1228P will disable the port that the AP is connected to, preventing any rogue-AP access to your network.