D-Link DWL-R60AT Indoor 6 dBi Microstrip Antenna

D-Link Updated: 2008-10-06 RSS
D-Link DWL-R60AT Indoor 6 dBi Microstrip Antenna

The D-Link DWL-R60AT is an indoor 6 dBi Microstrip Antenna.

The D-Link DWL-R60AT connects to the DWL-900AP+, DI-614+, DI-714P+, DWL-900AP, DI-714 and DI-713P.

The D-Link DWL-R60AT antenna provides extended coverage for an existing 802.11b wireless local area network (WLAN). Using a reverse SMA connector, the D-Link DWL-R60AT is easily connected to the DWL-900AP+ wireless access point, DI-614+ wireless router, DI-714P+ wireless router, DWL-900AP wireless access point, DI-714 wireless router and the DI-713P wireless router Rev C1 or later wireless broadband router.

Note: This product does not currently work with the enterprise DWL-1750 wireless router and the DWL-1700AP wireless access point.