D-Link DWS-1008 Wireless Switch

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D-Link DWS-1008 Wireless Switch

The D-Link® AirPremier® MobileLAN™ DWS-1008 is a wireless LAN switch optimized for deployment in the Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) environment. The DWS-1008 is designed to allow easy user installation and operation yet support advanced wireless switch features such as secure mobility, policy enforcement, and AAA and 802.1x offload capabilities.

The D-Link MobileLAN solution is powered by Trapeze Networks™ and executes Trapeze Networks' Mobility System Software (MSS), which maintains the intelligence of the MobileLAN system. In addition to managing users' identities as they roam, the DWS-1008 configures and controls all aspects of the complementing DWL-8220AP Wireless Switch Dualband Access Points.

AAA Authentication Offloading Capability
The MobileLAN DWS-1008 supports Administration, Authorization, and Authentication (AAA) policies to ensure maximum security. Rather than checking the identity of a connecting user from the switch's local database, user authentication policies can be sent back to an AAA server for complete verification. This offloading capability ensures that the WLAN will not overload when clients are simultaneously connecting to the network.

User-Based Authentication Services
This wireless switch delivers Identity-based Networking, which provides user-based services such as virtual private group membership, personal firewall filters, time-of-day/day-of-week access, encryption type, authentication, usage tracking, location tracking, and associated network statistics.

Easy Deployment
The DWS-1008 includes eight 10/100 Mbps ports with integrated PoE to enable network connectivity to any connected DWL-8220AP. It is designed for distributed deployments in the wiring closet or small or medium offices. It can support up to six directly connected DWL-8220APs and up to six more DWL-8220APs connected indirectly.

Maximum Performance With Load Balancing Capabilities
The DWS-1008 performs Layer 2 forwarding and also comes with extensive Layer 3-4 and identity-tracking capabilities. It integrates seamlessly with wired infrastructures and offers redundant load-sharing links, 802.1q trunking, spanning tree and per-VLAN spanning tree (PVST+). It also supports IGMP snooping, which is vital to supporting IP multicast streams.