Fujitsu fi-5000N Network Adapter

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Fujitsu fi-5000N Network Adapter

Document scanning with simplicity

* Network functionality including scan to view, email, print, file and more
* 10/100 Base-T Ethernet and USB 2.0 connectivity
* Fingerprint verification allows "one touch" designation of recipient PC
* Administration utility allows for complete management of uses, application and locations of scanned images
* Includes One-year Limited Warranty

Easily send scanned images to a variety of applications
The Fujitsu fi-5000N used in conjuction with supported Fujitsu fi-series workgroup and departmental scanners, enables document scanning with ease of use and flexibility for a wide variety of environments. Situated between a scanner and a Local Area Network (LAN), the fi-5000N verifies a user's identity to ensure that scanned information is sent to the right computer. Using a sophisticated fingerprint verification method and a finger detection sensor, the fi-5000N identifies users and their PC's allowing images to be sent to pre-configured location and/or applications. Furthermore, by utilizing in box software users to setup defined destinations such as scan to file, scan to email, scan to SharePoint server or scan to view and launch an application based on onetouch of their individual fingerprint or PIN number. More importantly, it eliminates the need to remember, store, and manage passwords. And each fi-5000N stores fingerprint and PC information for up to 32 users, delivering cost-effective security on a large scale.

Share USB scanners on an Ethernet network
With a USB 2.0 scanner interface and a 10/100- base-T Ethernet network interface, the fi-5000N acts as both an authentication device and a scanner-sharing device. It supports nine popular Fujitsu scanners.

Compact, yet complete
In today's crowded offices, it can be difficult to find enough space for a scanner. Fortunately, the fi-5000N measures just 2.52" x 5" x 6.93", so imaging security fits into just about any office. What's more, it comes with TWAIN, ISIS® and ScandAll21 software to enhance productivity immediately. And it includes a one-year limited warranty for peace-of-mind.

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