HP StorageWorks 4/64 SAN Switch

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HP StorageWorks 4/64 SAN Switch

The HP StorageWorks 4/64 SAN Switch and 4/64 SAN Switch Power Pack offers flexible connectivity for a performance-level storage area network (SAN).  The new switches can be incorporated into an extensive core fabric or placed at the edge. They deliver 32, 48 or 64 high performance Auto Sensing 1, 2, or 4Gbps Fibre Channel ports. The 4/64 SAN Switch base model ships with 32 active ports.  Ports can be activated in 16 port increments with the purchase of an upgrade license. Also, storage networking features that include redundant, removable power supplies and cooling, making the switches ideal for supporting corporate infrastructure implementations.  The 4/64 SAN Switch includes web management tools and hardware and software enforced zoning. The 4/64 SAN Switch Power Pack provides the SAN administrator with the necessary tools to monitor the health and performance of the network, while ensuring the highest levels of security, scalability and manageability. Power Pack software features are available pre-configured on the switch or as an upgrade.

What's new

* Factory Integration or Configure to Order support (CTO) is being introduced for the 4/64 SAN Switch.

Features and Benefits

* Agility—High availability:  Redundant, hot swappable, removable power supplies and cooling units

* Value—Scalability: Ports on demand for instant scalability and “pay-as–you-grow” value

* Value—High performance: Industry-leading 4Gbps performance for strategic, data-intensive applications.

* Value—Stable design ensures investment protection:  Provides investment protection as the device is forward and backward compatible with the entire family of 1Gb, 2, or 4Gb B-Series switches and directors.

* Agility—Adaptive: Provides 4Gbps technology with auto-sensing capabilities to recognize 1, 2, or 4Gbps devices.

* Simplicity—Ease-of-use: Easily integrates into installed base of B-series SANs for investment protection.

* Agility—Adaptive for maximum throughput:  Auto sensing 1, 2, or 4Gbps transfer, using ISL virtual channels to provide non-blocking data transfer and maximum application data throughput.

* Agility—Management:  Utilizes current B-series management and monitoring software tools to optimize operational efficiencies and maximize SAN investment.

* Simplicity—Increased Consolidation: Simplifies enterprise SAN deployment by providing a high port count in a single-domain switch for exceptional scalability, performance and reliability.

* Agility—Scalability:  Delivers 32, 48, or 64-ports in a 2U enclosure.