Hitachi GR4000 Series Gigabit Routers

Hitachi Updated: 2007-10-02
Hitachi GR4000 Series Gigabit Routers

The GR4000 series models are high-end routers for developing high-reliability IP/Ethernet networks. The GR4000’s emphasis is on providing high-speed interfaces, such as 10G/1G Ethernet and OC192/OC48 POS. Switching performance ranges from 96 to 384 Gbps in five models.

Offering carrier-grade operating features, such as AC or DC power flexibility, full redundancy, and unsurpassed port density, the GR4000 series is perfect for the most demanding applications of carriers/ISPs, such as:

• High-end core routers or aggregation routers for backbone networks.

• Edge routers (especially GbE accommodation) or aggregation routers for access networks.

The availability of information through network connectivity has become an indispensable part of business and personal life in the 21st century. Today’s carriers and ISPs are responsible for providing this “Information Lifeline” to keep information flowing 24 hours a day. Hitachi’s new GR4000 Gigabit router series was specifically designed for this purpose. This 10G high-end router, with its superior levels of speed, performance, configuration flexibility, as well as hardware-based precision Ethernet QoS, handles mission-critical IP/Ethernet networks effortlessly and reliably, even in environmentally challenging and high-traffic environments.

GR4000’s high-performance QoS is complemented by fine-tuned filtering to maintain advanced security, as well as leading edge IP functions, such as full support for IPv6 protocols.

Designed into the GR4000 series is the raw processing power to deal with the demands of 10G Ethernet, and Hitachi’s legendary technology, cultivated through the development of reliable, high-performance GR2000 routers.

Key Features and Benefits

Wire-Speed Transfer Processing on 10G Ethernet. Only Hitachi offers the per-slot backplane capacity to support 10G Ethernet at 100% of line rate.

Industry’s Highest Port Density in a 7-Foot Rack. The combination of an efficient chassis design and high-density 1G/10G Ethernet interfaces provides up to 1152 1G or 48 10G ports in a single rack.

IPv6/IPv4. The GR4000 provides the highest performance for both IPv4 and IPv6. With a broad array of IPv6 routing protocols it helps you build your IPv6 networks more flexibly. The GR4000 also features hardware-based QoS control or filtering of IPv6 packets and offers additional IPv6 functions.

PRU Capacity of 48 Gbit/s. Packet Routing Units control packet searches, transfers and compatible network interfaces. Each hot-swappable PRU has a forwarding capacity of 48 Gbit/s.

Granular QoS. The GR4000 family provides hardware-based QoS that is scalable from corporate to carrier use.

Unified Architecture. The GR4000 family consists of models GR4000-80E, GR4000-160E, and GR4000-320E. All share a unified architecture in which common modules may be shared among different models, protecting your investment. Common software and command system enhance this feature.

Redundancy and Hot Swapping of Critical Modules. Multiple and hot-swappable components ensure switching reliability even in the face of component failures.