Linksys BEFVP41 EtherFast Cable/DSL VPN Router

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Linksys BEFVP41 EtherFast Cable/DSL VPN Router

The Instant Broadband™ EtherFast Cable/DSL VPN Router from Linksys is the ideal solution for remotely accessing a network securely over the Internet using cutting edge encryption and authentication methods.

Built from the popular standard Linksys 4Port Router Model BEFSR41, the VPN Router expands its functionality and security features by utilizing 56bit DES and 168bit 3DES encryption, and Internet Key Exchange (IKE). A built-in IPSec coprocessor from Hifn allows for complete data privacy for the access and exchange of your most sensitive data from your home to your corporate network or between remote branch offices without the additional cost of IPSec VPN client software for each computer. Mobile workers can also connect to a corporate network using an IPSec based VPN client software solution. The EtherFast Cable/DSL VPN Router is capable of conducting up to 50 simultaneous IPSec VPN tunnels while allowing additional savings with no upgrade fees or technical support costs.

The VPN Router is compatible with other major IPSec VPN devices and IPSec VPN client software as well as virtually all major operating systems and standards, which makes the setup and use simple for home and corporate office. The Instant Broadband™ EtherFast ® Cable/DSL VPN Router is a simple solution for your broadband needs.

This router is compatible with All window Operating systems. Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, NT, and Me.

EtherFast Cable/DSL VPN Router with 4-Port 10/100 Switch

* Full IPSec Virtual Private Network (VPN) Capability Supports DES and 3DES Encryption Algorithms Supports MD5 and SHA Authentications Algorithms Supports IKE Key Management Virtual Private Network Capacity
* No IPSec VPN Client Software Needed
* No Upgrade Fees for Adding More Users