Linksys MFELX1 100 Base-LX Mini-GBIC SFP Transceiver

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Linksys MFELX1 100 Base-LX Mini-GBIC SFP Transceiver

The MFELX1 is an easy-to-install Mini-GBIC (SFP) transceiver module that provides a simple way to add 100 Base-LX functionality to your Linksys managed switch. The module operates at a wavelength of 1310nm and supports single-mode fiber optic cabling. In a typical operating environment, it can achieve distances over 10 km depending on the total attenuation in the fiber plant.

100 Base-LX is mainly used in metro area networks (MAN) or in large campus networks needing 100 Mbps connectivity between sites. The MFELX1 can be used with Linksys managed switches to create solutions that meet the needs for a broad range of customers.

The MFELX1 is a part of the Linksys family of Mini-GBIC transceiver modules. For other options, see the MFEFX1, MGBSX1, MGBLH1 and MGBTX1.

100Mbps Fiber Optic connectivity for Intermediate Reach Applications

* 1310nm wavelength for single-mode fiber
* Supports 100Mbps speed up to 10km for metro and campus area networks
* Integrated spring latch for easy removal
* SFP MSA compliant with duplex LC connector