Linksys PLEBR10 PowerLine Etherfast Bridge

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Linksys PLEBR10 PowerLine Etherfast Bridge

The Linksys Instant PowerLine™ EtherFast®10/100 Bridge offers a complete Internet connection solution for your home powerline network. The PowerLine Bridge makes sharing your broadband access easier than ever. Build a strong and simple-to-use home network by taking advantage of the most pervasive home networking medium — powerlines.

The PowerLine Bridge is ideal for users who already have a router. It can be plugged into an Ethernet port on a router to equip a network with powerline capabilities and take advantage of the router's features. The PowerLine Bridge can also plug directly into a cable or DSL modem to allow Internet access and data transfer rates up to 14Mbps over home powerlines.

With the PowerLine Bridge, create a network in no time at all to share an Internet connection (a router may be required), files, and printers, or even play multi-user network games at blazingly fast speeds. It's easy, convenient, and cost-effective.

Fast and Easy Integration Between Your Ethernet and Powerline Networks

* Connects 10/100 Ethernet Network to Powerline Network for Seamless Integration
* Share Internet Access Across Your Entire Home Powerline Network