Linksys SLM248G4PS 48-port 10/100 Stackable Smart Switch

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Linksys SLM248G4PS 48-port 10/100 Stackable Smart Switch

Growing businesses require cost-effective, networking solutions that can scale with ever-changing business needs. The Linksys SLM248G4PS Smart Switch brings a whole new level of intelligence and security to the network infrastructure at a cost-effective price. It offers 48 10/100 Ethernet (copper) ports with four 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet copper or optional optical (SFP) interfaces for uplinking to core network or servers.

Network security is a top priority in any size business and unauthorized access to the network and mission critical data is a constant concern. The SLM248G4PS is able to secure the network through 802.1X port authentication and MAC Filtering. 802.1X requires clients to authenticate themselves before the port will pass data and allow a user to access the network.

The SLM248G4PS switches provide resilient stacking for up to 8 switch units. The switch stack will then function as a single unit, with one IP address, and can be managed from a one Web Management interface. The advantage of a stacking architecture is that it makes it easier for users to manage, configure, and perform tasks such as switch firmware updates on the nework. SLM248G4PS can coexist in a stack with other Linksys Smart Stackable PoE, 24 and 48-port versions - SLM224G4S, SLM248G4S, and SLM248G4PS.

For Wireless or VoIP deployments, the SLM248G4PS supports the IEEE802.3af standard for Power over Ethernet (PoE). This eliminates the need for additional power cables or for a power outlet to be nearby. It enables POE-enabled devices such as IP cameras, IP phones, and Wireless Access Points to be positioned in optimal locations like in ceilings and walls--even outdoors--and in locations where there is a an accessible power outlet, thereby reducing installation costs making installations easier.

Businesses are recognizing the benefits of Voice over IP (VoIP) phone calling and are quickly migrating their voice services to IP-based platforms, requiring their local area networks to support both voice and data applications. The SLM248G4PS's extensive QoS features makes it ideal for real-time applications like voice and video. The four priority queues together with Weighted Round Robin and Strict Priority scheduling techniques let network administrators quickly prioritize real-time voice and video traffic over data traffic. Individual users or applications can also be prioritized above others using various Class of Service options - by port, Layer 2 priority (802.1p), and Layer 3 priority (TOS or DSCP). Intelligent Broadcast, Multicast, and Unknown Unicast storm control minimizes and contains the effects that these types of storms have on regular traffic. IGMP Snooping limits bandwidth-intensive video traffic to only the requestors without flooding to all users on the network. Incoming traffic can be policed and outgoing traffic can be shaped allowing network administrators to control network access and traffic flow.

The SLM248G4PS also includes features for network expansion and faster throughput performance. Link aggregation enables network administrators to create multiple high-bandwidth trunks between switches. This provides a level of reliability because if one of the ports in the trunk group fails, the remaining ports in the trunk group will continue to operate, thus keeping the link connection. Spanning Tree (STP) allows admins to build a mesh of switches increasing the availibility of the system.

The simplified user interface provides an intuitive, secure management platform enabling admins to better utilize the comprehensive feature-set of the switch, resulting in a better optimized, more secure network.

48-port 10/100 Stackable Smart Switch with 4 Gigabit Ports and PoE
Cost-effective, stackable switching with simplified management, security, and PoE for your growing business.

* Easy-to-use Web browser interface makes installation quick and simple
* Grow your network with options like Resilient Stacking, Link Aggregation, Spanning Tree
* 802.1X port authentication and MAC address filtering brings network security down to the switch port level
* Provides IEEE 802.3af PoE power to IP phones, surveillance cameras, and Acess Points. Up to 24 ports (port 1 - port 12, port 25 - port 36) PoE with total power budget of 180 W.