Linksys SVIEW08 ProConnect 8-Station CPU Switch

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Linksys SVIEW08 ProConnect 8-Station CPU Switch

Take control of your PCs with the ProConnect KVM Switches. Ready to run out of the box, the ProConnect KVM Switch lets you connect multiple PCs to a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Switch between PCs with the press of a key, or use the switch's cycling feature to rotate between each PC's progress automatically at programmed intervals. Got a notebook PC? Plug it into the KVM Switch and control it from your desktop's full-sized keyboard, monitor, and mouse - just like a docking station!

Built to last, the ProConnect 8-Port KVM Switch virtually eliminates cable swapping, while you save hundreds of dollars in storage space and hardware costs. Your connection can be simple and inexpensive with the Linksys ProConnect KVM Switch. It's the perfect choice for any Server room, Internet Service Provider, or testing lab where you need to manage multiple PCs efficiently and easily.

ProConnect 8-Station CPU Switch

* Supports HotKeys and Pushbutton Switching
* Serves as a Convenient Docking Station for Notebook PCs
* Supports Hot-Swapping of Cables