Linksys WMP110 RangePlus Wireless PCI Adapter

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Linksys WMP110 RangePlus Wireless PCI Adapter

The RangePlus Wireless PCI Adapter installs in most desktop and tower PCs, and lets you put your computer almost anywhere in the building without the cost and hassle of running network cables. Now you don't have to drill holes in your walls and climb through the attic or cellar to get connected to the network.

The Wireless PCI Adapter uses uses smart antenna technology to achieve extended range. Unlike ordinary wireless networking technologies that are confused by signal reflections, the "Multiple In, Multiple Out" (MIMO) technology actually uses these reflections to increase the range and reduce "dead spots" in the wireless coverage area. The robust signal travels farther, maintaining wireless connections much farther than standard Wireless-G.

With MIMO, the farther away you are, the more speed advantage you get. It works great with standard Wireless-G and -B equipment, but when both ends of the wireless link are MIMO enabled, the router can increase the throughput even more by using twice as much radio band.

Once you're connected, you can surf the web, keep in touch with your e-mail, and share files and other resources such as printers and network storage with other computers on the network. To protect your data and privacy, your wireless connection is secured by up to 256-bit encryption. The included Setup Wizard will walk you through configuring the adapter to your network's settings, step by step. So don't hassle with running cables through your house — get your desktop connected the easy way with the RangePlus Wireless PCI Adapter.

* High-speed wireless networking for your desktop computer
* MIMO smart antenna technology captures faint signals for extended range and reduced dead spots
* Much faster than Wireless-G when connected to Wireless-N, but also works great with Wireless-G and -B devices
* Advanced wireless security with up to 256-bit encryption