M-Audio MidAir Wireless MIDI Transmitter/Receiver

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M-Audio MidAir Wireless MIDI Transmitter/Receiver

Bring your MIDI gear into the wireless age with the MidAir™ system. Comprised of a portable transmitter and receiver, the MidAir allows you to wirelessly transmit data from any device that outputs MIDI data—keyboards, drum machines, electronic drums and more. Just plug the battery-powered transmitter into the MIDI Out port on your controller of choice and connect the receiver to the MIDI In port on the device you'd like to control, and you're set. As a 2.4 GHz wireless device, the MidAir enables you to interface MIDI hardware at distances up to 30 feet with the same feel and response as a wired unit. The MidAir receiver includes a USB port and functions as a class-compliant 1 x 1 MIDI interface, so you can also wirelessly control soft synths from your favorite MIDI controller.


2.4 GHz wireless MIDI system
battery-powered transmitter
receiver powered by USB bus or 9V power supply
1 x 1 USB MIDI interface including standard MIDI In and Out jacks
discrete operation of multiple MidAir systems in close proximity
class-compliant with Windows XP, Vista (32 bit), and Mac OS X

Control It All
Designed for both studio and stage applications, the MidAir system makes it possible to control everything from keyboards and sound modules to multi-effects units and stage lighting rigs wirelessly. The system works with any with any devices that send and receive MIDI data. Onstage, you can turn your favorite keyboard or MIDI instrument into a wireless controller and control an entire rack of MIDI gear without cables. In the studio, the MidAir system is the perfect way to eliminate excess clutter and long cable runs.

Front of House and Beyond
Have you ever wondered what your favorite keyboard patch sounds like in the audience? With the MidAir system, it's no problem to just pick up your MIDI controller with attached MidAir transmitter and check out your sounds from the floor. You can also control onstage effects from the FOH mix position or vice versa.

Multiple Frequency Channels
Much like wireless phones, MidAir automatically switches channels to insure a clear and unique signal. This means that you can use multiple MidAir systems in the same stage or studio environment.

Sync Your Stage
Tempo-based effects are among the most exciting things you can add to your guitar, bass or keyboard—and more and more guitar and bass effects are offering this functionality. But trying to sync multiple units has traditionally required running MIDI cables from a master keyboard or clock source to each player's effects unit—including trying to find cables long enough. With the MidAir, you can achieve the same functionality without those extra cables. Imagine the creative possibilities of being able to control the timing of your band's effects units from a single keyboard, MIDI instrument or computer. (Multiple MidAir systems and appropriate multi-port interface or splitter are required.)