Motorola AN200 RFID Antenna

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Motorola AN200 RFID Antenna

Motorola's general purpose AN200 RFID antenna can be used reliably in a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments, from the warehouse to the production line to the docking zone.

Its rugged design withstands a range of environmental conditions from extreme heat and cold to moisture and vibration, making this antenna ideal for nearly any application. The AN200 Antenna can be used in standard RFID applications at power levels of up to 1 watt and in customized applications at power levels up to 20 watts.

Connector: Type "N" Female
Connector position: Rear
Dimensions (with mounting screws): 11.1 x 11.1 x 1.9 in. (28.19 28.19 x 4.83 cm) H x W x D
Polarization: LHCP or RHCP
Single port: yes
Weight: 3 lbs (1.26 kg)

Axial ratio: <3 dB
Frequency range: 902-928 MHz
Front to back ratio: <10 db
Gain: 6.0 dBi linear
Nominal impedance: 50 Ohm
Power: 20 watts (max. input)
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR): 20 dB (1.22)

Cold test: IEC-68-2-1 (-40° F/-40° C for 24 hours)
Environmental sealing: IP54
Heat test: IEC-68-2-2 (158° F/70° C for 24 hours)
Humidity test: IEC-68-2-30 (77° to 104° F (-25° to 40° C)), 24 hour cycles of 90% relative humidity
Impedance: DC: 10 kOhm +/- 5%
Operating temperature: -40° to +149° F (-40° to +65° C)
Outdoor use: yes
Rain test: IEC-68-2-18 (8 hours minimum in rain chamber at 43 psi)
Random vibration test: IEC-68-2-6 (10 to 150 Hz, 05 g, 1 hour in each of 2 axes)
Salt fog test: IEC-68-2-11 (96 hours, repetitive cycling)
Temperature shock test: IEC-68-2-14 (-40° F rising to 158° F (-40° C rising to 70° C) in 10 cycles of 60 minutes each)