Motorola ARC 4000 Master Site

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Motorola ARC 4000 Master Site

The ARC 4000 is a consolidated master site for the ASTRO® 25 trunked system platform. It can support up to 12 Integrated Voice and Data (IV&D) repeater sites, 120 channels, 5 dispatch sites, and 10 console operator positions. The compact, versatile design makes the most efficient use of expensive site space.


Linked with innovative systems
Offers the operational benefits of the ASTRO 25 system plus the High Performance Data (HPD) system.

Project 25 Compliance
Ensures interoperability across agencies and jurisdictions.

Compatible with Voice services
Including private call, multicall, call alert and talkgroup (non-priority) scan of affiliated talkgroups per site.

Consistent interface
Supports ASTRO 25 Site Repeater operation.

Network Management (NM) and Zone Controller (ZC)
Consolidate applications onto one SunTM NetraTM T2000 server.

Visionary technology
Utilizes the new Solaris 10 Operating System. Employs the Packet Data Gateway (PDG) for data on integrated voice and data systems.