Motorola AXS1800 Enterprise Aggregation Switch

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Motorola AXS1800 Enterprise Aggregation Switch

The Motorola AXS1800 Enterprise Aggregation Switch (EAS) is a next generation passive optical LAN (POL) solution that delivers rapid return on investment (ROI) and very low total cost of ownership (TCO). From the datacenter to the desktop, the Motorola AXS1800 EAS all-fiber solution increases the size of the network building block and greatly simplifies enterprise network deployment, operation, and management.

The Motorola AXS1800 EAS Offers:

* Support of up to 7168 GE ports per chassis via 56 Passive Optical LANs, each supporting up to 64 desktop terminals
* Line rate performance with 200Gbps switching fabric, 10Gbps dedicated to each switch and line card
* High capacity WAN uplinks with 12x1GE, 2x10GE uplinks in the base configuration and configurable 10GE and multi-port 1GE line cards
* 1 + 1 protection for system controller card and switch card, NEBS certified
* A high level of security with 128 bit AES Encryption, 802.1x authentication for access control, and fiber-based security that eliminates electronic eavesdropping risks
* Converged architecture for multiple services; capable of providing IP video, voice, and data services from the same platform
* Comprehensive QoS and CAC feature-set

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