Motorola CPEi 150 Customer Premises Equipment

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Motorola CPEi 150 Customer Premises Equipment

Motorola's CPEi 150 Series CPE is an orientation free, "plug-and-play", high performance data solution for your wireless broadband access device portfolio. The CPEi 150 is 802.16e WiMAX Forum Wave 2 certification ready. This series offers a balanced blend of power, performance, reliability and "wow" design. This Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) is the perfect solution to connect the unconnected.

Motorola's WiMAX Forum 802.16e Wave 2 ready wi4 WiMAX CPEi 150 is easy to install with "plug-and-play" functionality. The network will automatically detect the device and perform the necessary authentication processes. An easy to read signal strength indicator allows the user to orient the unit for optimum service.

CPE device performance is a factor of antenna gain, directivity and orientation, as well as transmitter power and receiver sensitivity. Radiated performance of WiMAX CPE devices can differ dramatically; in a typical environment, this high performing CPE can require dramatically fewer access points while still providing the same level of service. The Motorola WiMAX CPEi 150 desktop CPE features multiple antenna techniques that increase gain well beyond WiMAX Forum reqeuirements.

The Motorola wi4 WiMAX CPEi 150 Desktop CPE supports remote management capability allowing management and health monitoring of the devices from a centralized network or element management system. Advanced security and authentication protocols protect the end-user and the operator from external threats.