Motorola CPEi 775 WiMAX Customer Premises Equipment

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Motorola CPEi 775 WiMAX Customer Premises Equipment

The CPEi 775 series WiMAX CPE includes a built-in WiFi router in addition to ATA ports for Voice over IP (VoIP). Following on Motorola’s history of exceptional design, the CPEi 775 includes all this technology in a unique ultra-thin form factor that for the first time can be made available in a wide array of eye-catching color choices. Extensive market research went into the CPEi 775’s design to assure that this is a CPE that would enhance any home and allow service providers to differentiate and profit from their infrastructure investments.

Antenna design impacts both the performance and convenience of a WiMAX CPE. The CPEi 775 series features some of the most advanced antenna techniques available today. Our integrated, adaptively switching and high-gain antennas enable hassle-free installation. The device does not need to be rotated for optimal signal strength. With some of the most advanced antenna designs available today, the CPEi 775 sets new standards for device transmit power and receive sensitivity - two factors that have a big impact on a network operator’s bottom line, and the number of cells required to provide coverage. The CPEi 775 Series features Adaptive Transmit Antenna Switching.

The CPEi 775 is user-friendly, reducing expensive support costs and making a strong positive impact on a WiMAX operator’s bottom line. All access ports in the plug and play CPEi 775 are integrated and it comes with all the necessary device drivers pre-loaded. Pre-loaded device drivers mean no CDs are required for end user installation. It can work with Windows, MAC and LINUX operating systems without any user intervention. Subscribers just connect the device to their computer and voice handsets and the device is ready to offer a unique all-in-one WAN/LAN/VoIP residential communications network. The network will automatically detect the device and perform the necessary authentication processes. Finally, zero-install design and over the air (OTA) software upgrades eliminate the need for costly truck rolls or operator intervention.

Motorola continues to leverage a rich heritage in RF performance in the CPEi 775. The performance of the CPEi 775 sets new standards in transmit power and receive sensitivity, enhancing the experience for users, and decreasing infrastructure costs for a lower total cost of ownership for service providers. CPE device performance factors considered in the CPEi 775 include antenna gain, receiver sensitivity, orientation, diversity techniques and effective transmitter power. The radiated performance of WiMAX CPE devices can differ dramatically. In a typical environment, 3 to 6dB low-end performance by CPEs on the network can translate to the need for over two times as many access points in order to provide the same level of service. This factor needs special attention particularly during the initial commercial launch of the network.

The Motorola CPEi 775 Series supports remote management capability allowing management and health monitoring of the devices from a centralized network or element management system.

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