Motorola CPEo 400 wi4 WiMAX Fixed Device

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Motorola CPEo 400 wi4 WiMAX Fixed Device

The cost effective, easy-to-deploy, and easy to manage CPEo 400 meets the market need for standards-based, fixed broadband wireless access in licensed spectrum. Based on 802.16e technology, the CPEo 400 delivers high-performing broadband wireless access. The outdoor mounted, unobtrusive CPEo 400 provides significant improvement in the coverage and capacity capabilities of the network, reducing the number of base sites required to address a given geography and boosting the bandwidth available to end-users.

Convenience & Reliability
The high performing CPEo 400 is well suited to service a multi-dwelling building. A CPEo 400 positioned on a rooftop can provide broadband access to multiple tenants in a single building. Similarly, an enterprise can use the outdoor CPEo 400 to offer broadband service and VPN connectivity from field offices back to the main corporate network, acting as the WiMAX gateway. This device, like all Motorola CPEs, is subject to the Motorola Networks Quality Standards and an established Quality Review Board. The quality process employs a system test plan developed and executed by Motorola's SEI Level 5 Test organization.

The CPEo 400 offers end-users superior performance over indoor CPEs since the WiMAX reception is not impeded by concrete and brick walls or RF blocking glass and steel in building structures. Subscribers may also deploy the CPEo 400 to maximize reception via a line of sit connection to the base station which is not possible with an indoor unit. CPEo 400's outdoor antenna is highly directional and can point precisely to the bas-station with no path loss.

As with all Motorola CPE products, the CPEo 400 employs multiple antenna technology, which delivers increased range and higher throughput when compared too products with single antenna solutions.

Control & Security
The CPEo 400 supports remote management capability allowing management and health monitoring of the devices from a centralized network or element management system. Advanced security and authentication protocols protect the end-user and the operator from external threats.

Data Ports: 1
External Antenna Option
Wave 2 Ready
2.3 GHz
2.5 GHz
3.5 GHz