Motorola DigiCipher Event Manager

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Motorola DigiCipher Event Manager

The DigiCipher® Event Manager (DEM) provides the generation, management and control of IRD analog cue tones and SCTE-35 digital splice insertion messages for local event triggering. Splice Insertion Messages are sent directly from the DEM, while IRD analog cue tones are the result of Hardware Control Messages sent from the DEM.

* Compact 2-RU design
* 96 unique GPI trigger inputs
* Supports DigiCipher® II HCM (DTMF tone or contact closure) for analog tier delivery
* DPI standards-based (SCTE-35) message creation
* Up to 16 RS-232 trigger inputs (optional)
* 1:1 redundancy support
* SNMP MIB and trap configuration for external monitoring
* Newer chassis option provides dual power supplies
* Return Path Message Monitoring to confirm message transmission (optional)

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