Motorola MTC 9600 Site Controller

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Motorola MTC 9600 Site Controller

The MTC 9600 simulcast site controller is designed for use with the ASTRO® 25 Simulcast Trunking System. Simulcast trunking systems are often deployed in high-density environments where wide coverage is desired, such as major metropolitan areas. The controller performs call processing for individual simulcast subsites and is capable of supporting up to 30 channels.


Two levels of redundancy
Supports through a fully redundant two-controller configuration, with expansion options available.

Backup control
The redundant (standby) controller automatically takes over site link or site control operations when the active MTC 9600 has failed.

Modular design
Makes the most efficient possible use of space.

Emergency call/alarm
By pressing the emergency button, callers will be granted a voice channel on an immediate basis.

Selective calls
Supports functions such as call alert, private conversations, and enhanced private calls.

Group calls
Supports talkgroup calls, multi-group calls, and system calls.